Another Narco-Music Singer Killed in Mexican Border City

Cartel violence in the border city of Tijuana continued this week as cartel gunmen murdered a Mexican narco-music singer at an upscale outdoor mall. A total of 145 homicides have been registered in Tijuana during the month of July as of late Friday night bringing the total killed in 2019 to, 1,244.

Cartel gunmen killed Samuel Barraza in Tijuana, Mexico. (Photo: Facebook/Samuel Barraza)

Caravan Organizers Promised Easy U.S. Asylum, Say Departing Migrants

Hundreds of migrants from Central America gathered near the U.S. border in Tijuana are planning to return home. They blame one of the caravan organizers, Pueblos Sin Fronteras, for allegedly misleading them into joining the trek with false promises of easy asylum in the United States. The group denies the accusations.


Tijuana Tops 2,000 Murders in 2018

The Mexican border city of Tijuana topped 2,000 homicides during the first ten months of 2018, as a cartel war rages. Multiple cartel hits add to historic figures with multiple murders registered daily.

A man lies dead on the street after being shot by city police in Tijuana, Mexico. (AP File

‘Caravan Migrants’ Stalled at Border Crossing Checkpoint

Dozens of “caravan migrants” camped out near the San Ysidro Port of Entry on Sunday night after being turned back by U.S. Customs and Border Protection (CBP). U.S. officials told the migrants their processing facilities were full and they would let them know when they could cross at a later date.


REPORT: Mexican Police Escort ‘Migrant Caravan’ to Border for Crossing Attempt

Mexican police officers reportedly escorted the remnants of the once 1,200-person “migrant caravan” from shelters in Tijuana, Mexico, to the San Ysidro, California, port of entry. Hundreds of mostly Central American migrants plan to cross the border within the next few hours while others contemplate staying in Mexico. Some have already illegally crossed the border into southern California.