Oklahoma Police Arrest Man They Say Threatened Mass Shooting in Texas

Roderick Lamar Robinson Mugshot
Photo: Oklahoma City Police Department

Police in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, arrested a man after he allegedly threatened to carry out a mass shooting in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio police officials contacted the Oklahoma counterparts after reports about the threats made on a Facebook post.

San Antonio police officials became concerned after Facebook posts allegedly made by Roderick Lamar Robinson, 39, known on Facebook as “Rod Lamar,” threatened a mass shooting in an area known as “The Strip.” Lamar posted that he would be doing ice and that he would drive up and down the strip shooting at people. “It’s war bitches and no one is safe on the strip now f**k all of you how about that,” the post states. He later made another post apologizing for scaring people with his threats.

Police in the Alamo City found out Robinson is from Oklahoma and contacted local police to have him picked up, the San Antonio Express-News reported. He allegedly made the threatening posts shortly following the mass shooting in Las Vegas that left nearly 60 people dead and hundreds wounded.

Shortly after his initial post, Robinson took to Facebook again and allegedly wrote, “Now that you post my posts I will now do it then an my phone is rigged to ping off of towers that I’m not at so guess what I might as well carry this out so get ready it will happen when no one thinks it will happen an yes let the Feds an news come down to the strip an bust all of you fuck up folks”

He apparently made one more ominous post expressing his possible motivation for the threatened attack.

About an hour later, he reversed course and appeared to apologize for his threats. “I’m so sorry about what I said I’m so high on ice but look im strip sick ok I would never shoot anyone ok never ever in life,” Robinson allegedly wrote.

His final post before being arrested by Oklahoma City police appears to express more remorse about the threatening comments. In a lengthy, jumbled mess of words, he wrote, “Nothing to worry about I’m so in love with the San Antonio strip I regret what I said ok I wish I was there remember when I cried at the clubs why I love you so much it was not a joke to me I really believed in the strip can’t you folks see that I wish I could come back an cry an tell all of you how much I miss you an love you I’m so for real when dreams are broken it makes us say all kinds of things I never wanted to leave the strip it was my heart beat can’t you folks see that the love I have runs so deep I don’t want nothing else but the strip an see all the folks have fun that means everything to me this is just a cry out to all the smart ones on the strip come get me help me an let’s raise together you have someone who is very special an loves you with all his heart.”

Two people responded to his final posts. One appears to be a friend expressing concern. The second person warns him of the legal trouble he now faces.

Police charged Robinson with making a terrorism hoax under Oklahoma law. Bexar County, Texas, authorities plan to charge him with making terroristic threats as well. Court records show he also has an active warrant in San Antonio for possession of marijuana, the San Antonio newspaper reported.

The area in San Antonio known as the Strip is reported to be a hub for the city’s LGBTQ community, the newspaper explained. Police identified the area as being located on the 1000 block of North Main Avenue. Police implemented extra security in the area as a precaution.

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