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San Antonio Police

Oklahoma Police Arrest Man They Say Threatened Mass Shooting in Texas

Police in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, arrested a man after he allegedly threatened to carry out a mass shooting in San Antonio, Texas. San Antonio police officials contacted the Oklahoma counterparts after reports about the threats made on a Facebook post.

Roderick Lamar Robinson Mugshot

2 Shot in Home Where Alleged Cartel Members Held 3 Migrants for Ransom

Authorities continue to look into how two men were shot in a house where Mexican cartel gunmen had been holding three Mexican immigrants for ransom. When authorities arrived to the scene, they discovered the body of a man and a second shooting victim. Authorities also discovered that three men were being held for ransom at the home.

Los Zetas

Busted: Man Arrested During Break-in of Trump Campaign Office in San Antonio

A man was arrested trying to break into a Trump campaign office in San Antonio early Wednesday morning. Thirty-eight-year-old Rudy Medina was stopped by an off-duty police officer working as a security guard while he was trying to use a credit card to get into the Trump campaign office.

Break-in suspect