WATCH: Texas Homeowner Decorates Yard with Images of Christmas Thief

Christmas Grinch_1514262285616.JPG_12043061_ver1.0
KENS screengrab

A San Antonio area homeowner responded to a Christmas decoration thief by displaying large images and video of his misdeeds on his front lawn.

Ken Lamkin found a creative response for avenging his stolen, inflatable Christmas decorations this week by publicly shaming his family’s personal “Grinch”.

Lamkin told KENS that the thief’s illegal efforts, captured on home surveillance equipment, reminded him of a notorious Yuletide boogeyman.

“He was so slow and methodical, that’s what reminded us of the story of the Grinch,” he told local TV cameras.

Lamkin reproduced captured images of the man and redecorated his yard with lit poster boards. The family also used a home video projector to share footage of the theft on a large screen.

The homeowner offered direct messages to his “Grinch”.

“It doesn’t only show that we know who you are, but it is also to show that you can’t take our Christmas,” Lamkin told KENS. “We are going to sit down here and hold hands, and we are going to sing and enjoy Christmas.”

Lamkin hopes his effort triggers a change of heart for the décor thief.

“Maybe your heart can grow 10 sizes today-and you can go around and return the stuff you took.”

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