WATCH: Wild Hogs Storm Houston Suburb

Running of the Hogs near Houston
Facebook Video Screenshot/Michelle Merrill

A Texas woman posted a video of a large herd of feral hogs running through the middle of a Houston area subdivision. She used her cell phone to capture the moment when more than a dozen wild hogs ran through the Spring Trails subdivision on the northern outskirts of the country’s fourth-largest city.

As Michelle Merrill drove her son to school Friday morning, they came upon a large group of feral hogs running through this southern Montgomery County subdivisions. She called her video, which she posted to Facebook, the “Spring Trails Running of the Hogs.” Merrill is the owner of Fiancee Bridal Boutique which is located in nearby Spring, Texas.

Feral hogs are a problem for homeowners as they frequently cause damage to yards, gardens, and flower beds. However, seeing them in a large group in a densely populated subdivision is an unusual sight.

“That’s crazy,” one Facebook user posted.

“Wait till they root up your lawn, they are very destructive,” another commenter added in response to Michelle Merrill’s video.

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