Three Men Shot in Mexico near Texas Border, One Died After Crossing

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Authorities are looking into a cartel shooting that killed one man in Mexico and caused two other victims to make a run for the border. One ultimately died beyond a U.S. port of entry.

The shooting took place on Tuesday afternoon in rural Lucio Blanco, near the entrance to the Indios International Port of Entry. The unidentified gunmen shot a bridge employee and two other men, Mexican law enforcement sources revealed.

One victim, identified as Oscar Alejandro, died at the scene next to his white car. The other two victims fled north through the international crossing into Los Indios, Texas.

The two victims reached the inspection booth where U.S. authorities called for emergency personnel to rush them to a hospital.

Breitbart Texas reached out to U.S. Customs and Border Protection who declined to comment on the issue stating, “CBP is precluded from discussing a specific individual’s processing for privacy reasons.” The agency did state in a prepared statement that “if a passenger arrives and is in need of immediate medical treatment, local emergency medical services is contacted.”

Lucio Blanco is considered a longstanding hotspot for the Gulf Cartel, Tamaulipas law enforcement sources told Breitbart Texas.

The shooting comes at a time of mounting pressure on the Mexican federal government as cartel violence continues to spiral out of control while the country’s president refuses to go to “war” against organized crime. Earlier this week, nine American members of an extended Mormon family died at the hands of cartel gunmen in Sonora. The victims were all women and children, leading to President Donald Trump to offer military aid for such a “war.” Mexico’s president declined the gesture.

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