Rattlesnake Attacks California Toddler

Rattlesnake Attacks California Toddler

A 17-month-old boy is lucky to be alive after he was bitten three times by a baby rattlesnake in San Diego County.

The bites were discovered by his mother after his grandmother heard the toddler’s cries while he was playing outside on the patio of her home in Jamul, California, according to local ABC affiliate 10News.com.

The toddler, who is back home and recovering from the traumatic incident, was reportedly struck on his stomach. A doctor who treated the child said the outcome could have been much worse had more venom been released into his system.

According to the California Department of Fish and Wildlife’s website, the majority of rattlesnake bites occur between April and October, when both humans and the snakes are most active outdoors. The rattlesnakes usually strike when threatened or deliberately provoked.

If treated promptly, rattlesnake bites are rarely fatal.