Johnny Depp to Pick Winner of Chinese Reality Show Contest

Johnny Depp to Pick Winner of Chinese Reality Show Contest

Johnny Depp reportedly has earned around $350 million for playing the eclectic Jack Sparrow in the Pirates of the Caribbean franchise.

That, combined with his steady film schedule, means he doesn’t need another gig.

Yet Depp decided to add one more item to his “to do” list, signing up with a Chinese reality show to judge its talent competition.

The show, shot in the elegant and wealthy eastern city of Hangzhou, centers around making ordinary people’s wishes come true and live performances, where audiences vote for a “Dreamer” who then goes on to the next show.

During his visit to China in April, Depp was asked why he had decided to take on the role of arbiter in the show, and he told local media it was because he can relate to people harboring big dreams: When he was young, he wanted to be a rock musician, and only did movies to pay the rent, he said.

Of course, Depp could have used his eye for talent on any number of U.S.-based programs and saved himself a long plane ride. He may have had something else in mind.

China is playing an increasingly important role in the international box office. Hollywood actors and studios alike are doing what they can to appease both the emerging market as well as the country’s censors which don’t take kindly to material they deem inappropriate.

Case in point: the second film in the Pirates franchise wasn’t shown in China due to its “ghoulish” content.

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