Grandmother Arrested After Toddler Drinks Meth-Laced Tea

Grandmother Arrested After Toddler Drinks Meth-Laced Tea

A grandmother has been arrested on grounds of child endangerment and possession of drugs after her two-year-old granddaughter drank from the meth-laced tea she had left unattended.

Cynthia Watson, 51, had been visiting from Oregon and staying with relatives in Garner Valley, California when she made herself a cup of tea with methamphetamine in order to “get high,” according to the San Diego Union-Tribune. Watson had at some point left the drugged tea unattended, which is reportedly when her toddler granddaughter took a sip from the cup. 

Deputies received a call at 10 a.m. on Monday from the toddler’s mother, who said her child had been up all night, talking rapidly, scratching, and unable to get her to sit still, the U-T reports. Tests at the hospital determined the child had ingested the drug and an investigation revealed it was her grandmother who had possession of it. 

The little girl is expected to make a full recovery. Watson was arrested and remained in jail on Monday evening on $35,000 bail, and is expected in court on Wednesday.

Photo: Bobby Yip, Reuters