Report: Pixar Engaged in Wage-Fixing Scheme

Report: Pixar Engaged in Wage-Fixing Scheme

Pixar, an industry leader in computer-animated films like the Toy Story franchise, is known for making movies the whole family can embrace.

The animation giant may have a darker side, witness a report at that details allegations of wage-fixing and brutal market domination.

A combination of court testimony, documents and emails show that Pixar and Disney targeted Sony Pictures Animation starting in 2004 for refusing to become part of an alleged wage-fixing/no poaching cartel which the pair already had in place with both LucasFilm’s Industrial Light and Magic and Jeffrey Katzenberg’s DreamWorks Animation.

Pixar internally branded Sony as “ruthless” for daring to offer higher salaries and better career opporunities to workers. Then Pixar President Ed Catmull threatened to “aggressively go after” hiring Sony’s people as revenge for not joining the cartel. All because Sony Animation was recruiting as it saw fit and pushing up wages and promoting job mobility for workers across the computer animation movie studios. has more information from reporting conducted by the tech site Pando, including Pixar emails detailing the company’s fear that Sony would hire more and more of its talent and how it planned to stop that.