Jobs Expert: California State Jobs are Permanent Employment

Jobs Expert: California State Jobs are Permanent Employment

With all the ballots from last week’s election nearly counted, California’s politicians can return to Sacramento, secure that the state’s massive spending can continue. And with that spending comes thousands of job openings in state government. The capital city’s local CBS News affiliate provided some helpful advice to potential job seekers, including the tip that state government jobs are essentially a form of permanent employment.

“Once you get your foot in that proverbial state employment door, it’s probably the last time you’re going to have to look for a job,” said state jobs expert Michelle Allen to a group of job seekers at a local jobs center.

Allen is largely correct–at least as long as taxpayers are willing to pay for the privilege of living in California, and until the state’s enormous, mounting debt comes due. State agencies are rarely expected to operate with efficiency, and public employees are protected by powerful unions that elect most of the state’s political leaders.

The question of whether taxpayers or those depending on state help are actually being served by their government is immaterial. Once you have your “foot in the door,” the public has to accept whatever level of service you provide. And after five years, state employees become eligible for pensions. A Golden State, indeed.

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