Stabbed Off-Duty Police Officer Cites Self-Defense for Shooting Brother

Stabbed Off-Duty Police Officer Cites Self-Defense for Shooting Brother

An off-duty San Diego Police officer was stabbed by his brother multiple times Friday morning when he intervened to protect their parents at their apartment in Chula Vista, California. After the aggressor began stabbing his brother, the off-duty officer responded in self-defense, shooting his brother, who later died from the wounds.

Chula Vista Police officers responding first found the injured officer in the parking lot with multiple stab wounds. In the nearby apartment, they found a man and his brother, who had gunshot wounds. Officers administered aid until paramedics could take over. The man later died of his wounds.

Chula Vista Police Department Crimes of Violence Unit investigators reported information learned from witness statements. The off-duty officer who was stabbed lived at the apartment with his mother, father, and brother. All were present when the tragic events ensued.

Family members told police that the brother had a history of mental illness. They communicated that the mentally ill brother entered into a physical confrontation with family members, which led up to the off-duty officer intervening to protect their parents from injury.

The brother stabbed the off-duty officer–his brother–multiple times. Their mother called 911, alerting police that one son was stabbing the other.

UCSD received the stabbing victim, who was in stable condition as of midday Friday.

Neither brother has been publicly identified.

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