Rare Killer Whales Seen off LA Coast

Rare Killer Whales Seen off LA Coast


Harbor Breeze Cruises posted a video on their Facebook page Tuesday showing a pod of six to nine killer whales prowling the water near Palos Verdes around 3 p.m. Tuesday, chasing sea lions out of the water and onto rocks. 

The Los Angeles Chapter of the American Cetacean Society wrote on their own Facebook page that the orcas were Eastern Tropical Pacific whales. The Society continued, “They are very rarely encountered in California. Most sightings have been Nov-Jan.”

The same orcas roamed near Oceanside and San Diego earlier in the week. According to Sea World, “Eastern Tropical Pacific killer whales are usually sighted offshore and range from Southern California to the Mexican waters of the Pacific and Gulf of California,” adding, “With the exception of the southern resident community in the eastern North Pacific, killer whales are not listed as endangered or threatened.”