Top 25 Conservative Voices in California


While California has become a bastion of liberalism, the Golden State is not without conservative voices.  It was actually a project to narrow this list to 25 people – my apologies to many who would have made the top 50. You can find any of them via a web search.  I did not include elected officials in this list. I looked for people whose voices are heard beyond Twitter and/or Facebook.  Here are the Top 25 Conservative Voices in California, in alphabetical order:

JON COUPAL – President of the Howard Jarvis Taxpayers Association, Coupal has a weekly column that is a “must read” for all those following California politics.

TOM DEL BECARRO – A regular columnist at, Del Becarro is the publisher of Political Vanguard.  He is the former chairman of the CA GOP.

TIM DONNELLY – A retired assemblyman and former gubernatorial candidate, Donnelly is a strong writer who is quite articulate in his defense of first principles.

JON FLEISCHMAN – On the advice of some friends, I humbly include myself here, as Politics Editor of Breitbart California and publisher at

STEVE FRANK – A longtime conservative activist Steve has long toiled to produce his California Political News & Views, a “must read” for conservatives trapped in California.

STEVE GREENHUT – No columnist who covers California politics and policy writes as prolifically and as eloquently as Greenhut.  He has several columns a week in the Union Tribune San Diego, but his works appear in many publications.

KATY GRIMES –’s senior correspondent, hardly a day goes by when Grimes isn’t providing in-depth coverage of California politics and policy.

ROGER HEDGECOCK – Once the mayor of San Diego, Hedgecock now broadcasts his popular nationally syndicated talk show from America’s finest city.  He may or may not have had me guest-host his show. ;-)

HUGH HEWITT – A syndicated talk show host, Hewitt is also a columnist and a blogger.  His legal acumen and his sharp wit combine to spell bad news for the left.

JOHN HRABE – As senior editor of the FlashReport, Hrabe shapes the news that many read.  His is the editor and proprietor of and frequently exposes the underbelly of California’s big government.

JOHN KOBYLT & KEN CHIAMPOU – No radio talk show duo in the history of the planet is able to rhetorically decimate leftists like the hosts of the popular John and Ken Show.

JOEL KOTKIN – I’m not sure Kotkin, a distinguished fellow at Chapman University, would characterize himself as a conservative – but you cannot miss the columns produced by this recognized authority on economic, political, and social trends.

MARK LARSON – Based in San Diego, Larson’s syndicated radio talk show is heard internationally.  Larson is influencing the debate around the country, really taking it to the left.

JOHN PHILLIPS – Whether listening to him on KABC radio in Los Angeles, reading his columns, or watching him on the Fox News Channel, conservatives have a great spokesperson in Phillips.

JOEL POLLAK – As editor-in-chief of Breitbart California, Pollak not only shapes the news, but is a prolific “must read” columnist in his own right.

DENNIS PRAGER – Perhaps no one is better at articulating values and culture on the radio than Prager, whose syndicated talk show is heard around the world.

MICHAEL REAGAN – The son of our beloved 40th president, Michael Reagan, a recovering radio talk show host, is a columnist and a frequent guest on television news programs.

CHRIS REED – One cannot read the Union Tribune San Diego opinion page without delighting in Reed’s assault on the liberal elite, attacking them with the one weapon they fear most: facts.

RICHARD RIDER – As the chairman of the San Diego County Taxfighters, no one writes more prolifically and in a more sobering manner about how poorly California fails taxpayers.  I learn from Rider’s work all of the time.

DEBRA SAUNDERS – She may be the “token conservative” on the San Francisco Chronicle’s editorial staff – but Saunders’ columns on that page provide insight, just as they incite.

KURT SCHLICHTER – There is no weekly column that I look forward to reading more than the one penned by Schlichter at  He mixes realism and sarcasm in a way that makes me pity anyone in his crosshairs.

BEN SHAPIRO – A loud voice here at the Breitbart News Network, Shapiro is also writes at Truth Revolt.  No one is better at isolating and destroying liberals with laser-like precision.

DAVID SPADY – Director of Americans for Prosperity in California, Spady’s short but provocative videos are a “must watch,” as he exposes the hypocrisy of the left.

THOMAS SOWELL – One of America’s most prolific and recognizable syndicated columnists, Sowell is an economist and a senior fellow with the Hoover Institution.  He has penned tens of thousands of columns.

If you are not tracking each and every one of these voices, I encourage you to do so.

Jon Fleischman is the Politics Editor of Breitbart California.  A longtime participant, observer and chronicler of California politics, Jon is also the publisher at  His column appears weekly on this page.  You can reach Jon at