Teen’s Playboy Birthday Bash Ends in Dad’s Arrest

Police Line/Crime Scene
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San Diego, CA

Teens brandishing lingerie and silk robes boozed it up for a Playboy Mansion-themed birthday bash under what appears to be the not-so-watchful eye of 18-year-old birthday girl Olivia Lake’s father Jeff Lake and other adults in Poway, California Friday night. Mr. Lake was reportedly arrested when neighbors’ complaints led San Diego County sheriff’s deputies to put an end to the party.

Birthday girl Olivia Lake celebrated her 18th with partygoers at the Lake family home before deputies shut down the lewd affair. Deputies say there were around 200 in attendance that night. Many were reportedly under the influence of alcohol. Two teen boys were found passed out in the house according to the deputies.

Jeff Lake was arrested that night and charged with violating Poway’s social host ordinance, local ABC News affiliate 10 News reported.

Several quests posted photos and messages to Instagram with the tag, “Liv’s Playboy Mansion” according to 10 News. Those photos show scantily clad teens, some wearing bunny ears.

Young Lake is a Poway High School student. Her mother, Jacki Lake, is a former Poway High School PTA President, says 10 News. Deputies conveyed that Mrs. Lake’s presence at the party could not be confirmed, but that other adults were present.

Lake will also reportedly have to pay $3,600 to reimburse the time it took for deputies to clear the scene Team 10 stated.

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