Could Boxer’s Exit Usher in Another 10 Years of Jerry Brown?


The list of possible successors to Sen. Barbara Boxer (D-CA) come 2016 is rife with many names, not the least of which is California’s longest-serving Gov. Jerry Brown. Should Brown choose to run for Boxer’s seat in 2016, the Golden State could witness a calculated progression in power that would result in many familiar faces for years to come–and possibly another eight to 10 years of Brown.

The Brown name has somewhat become like California royalty–similar to the Bush Family with both father and son serving as commanders in chief. Brown’s father, Pat Brown, had served for two terms before he lost the governorship to the man who would become one of America’s most prized leaders, Ronald Reagan.

If Brown were to run for Senate, he would likely cruise to a victory and could even help secure his own gubernatorial stronghold by passing the baton to his very eager Lieutenant Gov. Gavin Newsom. And perhaps Attorney General Kamala Harris will seek Newsom’s post.

Brown has, like other powerful governors, the experience and leadership that said position brings. And his near-landslide election win against Neel Kashkari speaks volumes about the loyal constituent base he has solidified.

Additionally, running for Senate could provide Brown with a chance to solidify a nearly-flawless streak of political victories by avenging his unforgettable loss to Republican Pete Wilson for Senate in 1982.

Yet, questions still remain as to wether Brown is considering a run for the office of president. If he does and if he is nominated, he would most assuredly have Boxer’s support. She very vocally expressed in her retirement announcement that she will be helping the next Democratic candidate for president.

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