Clash of Cultures: Pro-Police Rally in Sacramento Sparks Counter-Protest

Sacramento Clash (Screenshot / Youtube / FTP)
Screenshot / Youtube / FTP

One of the few pro-police rallies to take place in the midst of a plethora of anti-police protests throughout California was almost interrupted by counter-protesters in the state’s capital city of Sacramento on Sunday.

“There’s a pro-cop rally that’s happening over there and we’re here to counter rally it. This rally has been formed without any of the victims of police brutality that have been brutally murdered,” said one of the protesters, according to local NBC News affiliate KCRA. Another counter-protester was told he could not pass because the over 100-person event was permitted, which is required for rallies that take place at the Capitol. There was at least one clash with police:

Other protests carried out throughout the state resulted in arrests as activists held unyielding attempts to shut down “business as usual.”

As dissidents circled around the 100-person pro-police gathering chanting “No justice, no peace, killer police,” a different voice was heard from within the pro-law enforcement rally. Sen. Jim Nielson (R-Gerber) had the following message:

But now the handcuffs have been taken off the criminals and put on our law enforcement professionals. There will be a terrible price paid if more restraints are put on our law enforcement. We need to thank them today. And not just today, but every day.

The 10-year-old son of a Sacramento police officer said he admired his father’s bravery. “He always supports our community and he’s just an incredible guy. He’s really brave to go out, knowing it might be his very last day in uniform. And it might be his last day on the job.”

California is currently deliberating about a bill which would require all police officers to wear body cams. The costs are projected at being anywhere between $3 to $4 million to cover approximately 8,000 California Highway Patrol officers and an additional $6 million annually for maintenance and storage.

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