Joe Biden Gives Campaign Speech One Day After ‘Draft Biden’ Super Pac Set Up

AP Photo/Elise Amendola
AP Photo/Elise Amendola
Oakland, CA

“We’ve gone from crisis to recovery, and America is now on the verge of resurgence,” exclaimed Vice President Joe Biden to a group of invited guests at the Pacific Gas & Electric Service Center in Oakland. “The United States of America … is not talking about outsourcing anymore, we’re talking about insourcing.”

Biden visiting the Golden State on Friday ignored questions whether  he will be challenging Hillary Clinton in 2016. Yet, Uncle Joe’s rhetoric seems to be heating up and sounding more and more like he’s delivering a presidential campaign stump speech, reported SFGate.

Maybe not so coincidental was that the Vice President’s trip to Nor Cal came only one day after a Draft Biden super PAC began fundraising and urging Biden to challenge the former Secretary of State and first lady for the Democratic presidential nomination

In his Bay area speech Obama’s right hand man cautioned Americans that, “the middle class is dwindling, we’ve got to grow it again. That’s the sinew that holds the country together.” He asked the question, “how do we turn this economic recovery into the kind of growth where you create real serious security … for the middle class.”

After his speech in Oakland, the VP gave a photo session to the press and then ate a grilled cheese sandwich at the Melt in San Francisco’s Financial District. Not known for his generous giving to charitable organizations, Biden did donate $5 to a local school gardening program, reported the Sacramento Bee. Upon departing the Melt, Biden said, “I may be back for some ice cream.”