Drought Shock: Wettest May Day in San Diego Recorded History

After the Rain (Oleg / Flickr / CC : Cropped)
Oleg / Flickr / CC : Cropped
San Diego, CA

The storm that hit Southern California on Thursday dropped almost two inches of rain on San Diego causing flash floods and breaking the one day May record for rain fall that stood for 131 years.

According to ABC10 News, San Diego International Airport received a total of 1.63 inches of rain, shattering the previous May 15 record by close to half an inch, breaking the previous all time daily May day record of 1.49 set on May 8, 1977.

By 9 a.m. on Friday, Lindbergh Field recieved 1.74 inches of rain, contributing to the total 2.25 inches so far this month, making it the second wettest May on record. ABC reported that San Diego, with two weeks left in the month, needs only 0.30 inches of rain to surpass the wettest May on record, which happened in 1921 with 2.54 inches.

This is a welcome break to the historic drought devastating the entire Golden State. With many scientists suggesting El Nino conditions may be forthcoming this winter, perhaps this latest California storm is a harbinger to some wet times ahead.