Teen Lovers Survive Lightning Strike by Holding Hands

Denver lightning
The Associated Press

Two teenagers, boyfriend and girlfriend, are now joking that they have an “electric love” because they were struck by lightning while holding hands in Claremont on Thursday.

A passerby corroborated the teenagers’ testimony that the lightning hit them. Dylan told CBS Los Angeles, “It was more of just kind of shove, you know, and it felt kind of like I was getting hit over the head with metal or something.” Lexie added, “Next thing you know, we are on the ground and we gave each other the most terrified looks you could possibly imagine. It was definitely weird. I kind of thought there was an earthquake.”

A doctor said that the young lovers’ lives were probably saved by the fact that they were holding hands.

The teenagers have been deemed healthy.

26 people died in 2014 in the United States from being hit by lightning, according to Accuweather.com, which states that typically, 54% of lightning deaths occur in open fields, ball parks and golf courses, 23% under trees, 12% on the beach or in boats. 7% using farm equipment, and 45 in assorted other ways.