California Seizes 500 Guns From Man Due to ‘Mental Health’

Guns in California (David McNew / Getty)
David McNew / Getty

On November 18, the California Department of Justice (CA DOJ) raided a Clovis home and seized 500 guns and more than 100,000 of ammunition from a man whom prosecutors have yet to charge for a crime.

However, according to Fresno-area ABC News affiliate ABC 30, 59-year-old Albert Sheakalee–the owner of the guns and ammo–is “due in court next month and [prosecutors] could file a case by then.”

Sheakalee was a once a Federal Firearm License (FFL) license holder, “but he lost his license last year.” And this year he was “institutionalized three times” for mental health treatment, which means he forfeits his right to keep and bear arms in the state of California.

CA DOJ Special Agent-in-Charge Michael Haroldsen commented, “Obviously when a person is admitted into a hospital for a mental health hold it’s because he’s believed to be a danger to himself or to the public.”

So Sheakalee was arrested and his home was raided by “state agents” who found “ten assault weapons, 88 shotguns and 234 rifles,” and a load of handguns. Sheakalee was then reportedly released after posting a bond of $11,000.

ABC 30 reports:

The [CA DOJ] tracks people who still have registered weapons despite bans for mental health problems, restraining orders, or certain criminal convictions.

In this case, they say Sheakalee still had about 150 registered in his name five months after he was ordered to give them up.

That leaves about 350 guns that were not registered in Sheakalee’s name but were confiscated anyway.

Sheakelee’s son described the arrest and subsequent seizure of arms to ABC 30 as a “bogus government gun grab.” The son suggested a number of the seized guns were in his name, not his father’s.

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