WATCH: 4-Year-Old Salinas Girl Memorized Periodic Table

Whiz kid (Screenshot / YouTube / Ellen)
Screenshot / YouTube / Ellen

Four-year-old Salinas, California “whiz kid” Brielle Milla wowed the audience at The Ellen Show for a second time on Monday as she reeled off a series of facts about the periodic table of the elements, which she has memorized in its entirety.

With four new additions to the periodic table, DeGeneres invited back the “expert” Milla to give the audience a crash course in chemistry.

After acing flash cards for Carbon, Lead and Flourine, DeGeneres asked the budding scientist what she might name the new elements, which were officially added to the periodic table earlier this month.

Milla presented the talk show host with a hand-drawn mug featuring a possible new element name: “Briellen,” a mash-up of Brielle and Ellen.

Milla melted hearts on the Internet in November, when a YouTube video of her reciting every element on the periodic table went viral.

The four-year-old was invited to show off her talent on The Ellen Show in November, and even got an invitation to join the scientific team at USANA Health Sciences that month.

Check out a clip of Brielle on The Ellen Show above.