Gunman Opens Fire, Kills One Near Police Station In Heavily Gun-Controlled San Francisco

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On March 6, a gunman opened fire and killed one person outside a police station in heavily gun-controlled San Francisco.

The shooting occurred in broad daylight, around 2:40 pm.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, Police Sergeant Anthony Manfreda said the victim “was in the passenger seat of a white Dodge sedan that was leaving a McDonald’s parking lot on Fillmore Street and Golden Gate Avenue” when the  shooting occurred. The victim was able to crawl out the driver’s side of the vehicle and run a few steps down the sidewalk before collapsing. He was taken to a hospital where he died.

Manfreda said the white Dodge was trapped by traffic when the gunman approached. There was no avenue for escape.

Police say the alleged gunman–described as “a young man wearing dark clothing”–then ran across the parking lot and jumped into a car which quickly drove away.

The shooting occurred just across the street from the Northern Police District Station.

It is interesting to note that San Francisco has some of the most stringent gun controls in the country–including a law requiring gun owners to lock their handguns up or disable them in the home. They also have a ban on using hollow point ammunition for self-defense. Breitbart News recently reported that city supervisor Mark Ferrell wants to expand the gun storage requirement so that law-abiding citizens have to lock up or disable their rifles and shotguns too.

The last gun store in San Francisco closed its doors in October because of the incessant push for more and more gun control in the city.

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