Daredevils Test ‘Skyslide’ off 70th Floor of L.A. Building

Skyslide (OUE Ltd. via AP)
OUE Ltd. via AP

A group of daredevils completed a test run on the 70th floor slide — the “Skyslide” — that was recently installed on what is currently the tallest building on the West Coast, the U.S. Bank Tower in downtown Los Angeles.

The video, titled “Skyslide in Action” was posted on YouTube by user Sterling Davis, and has garnered nearly 16,000 views since it was posted this Saturday.

It appears the “Evel Knievels” got a head start on the slide action, as the slide is only set to be open to the public on June 25. Tickets range between $19 and $59 for individual adults and approximately $8 for kids. Various ticketing options are also available for groups.

LAist observed that “at first glance it looks like sliders will be riding on a piece of cloth, possibly to prevent friction burns. It also seems like the rider in this video had trouble keeping a forward alignment, so it’s time to work on your core muscles if you want to maintain control on the ‘skyslide.'”

The slide, which has a range of approximately 36 feet — and is situated 1,000 feet above ground — was installed via helicopter this past March. Steel City Glass, Inc. reportedly constructed the slide. The company’s president, John Colosimo, told local ABC News affiliate ABC 7 at the time, “Before we brought that thing out here, we loaded it with 10,000 pounds of sand and hung it for an hour. It;s pretty robust. I don’t see it coming apart.” The glass on the slide is reportedly 1.25-inches thick.

Meanwhile, reactions were mixed on social media about the skyslide’s upcoming debut:

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