Black Lives Matter Protest in Stockton Attacks White Bystanders

A women holds up a placard with the slogan "Black Lives Matter" as people march in Brixton, south London to protest against police brutality in the US after two recent incidents where black men have been shot and killed by police officers

A Black Lives Matter protest in Stockton turned ugly on Friday when the protesters allegedly attacked two white women who were walking by, unaware of the demonstration.

Local CBS News affiliate KHTK-13 reported on Wednesday:

Stockton police are searching for the suspects in a vicious attack that happened on Friday against two teenaged sisters.

Police say a group of protestors wearing Black Lives Matter shirts held a vigil and a protest near the intersection of Pacific and Yokuts Avenues.

Police say two Caucasian girls left a local restaurant and passed by the protest when they were attacked by the protestors.

What was supposed to be a peaceful protest remembering Colby Friday turned into a vicious brawl directed against two sisters, and now, investigators are looking for suspects.

Police say that there were people from out of town involved in the protest, and the two women suffered non-life-threatening injuries to their faces and bodies.

The Sacramento chapter of the Black Lives Matter movement denied that anyone connected with the group played a role in the attack. There is no formal Black Lives Matter group in Stockton, according to the local news report.

Elsewhere, rioters attacked property, bystanders, and each other in Charlotte, North Carolina on Wednesday night in a second straight evening of violent protest related to a recent police shooting of an allegedly armed black man. One viral video shows a man being savagely beaten in a parking lot by a group of rioters.

North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory called out the National Guard and state Highway Patrol units to help local police quell the violence in Charlotte.

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