San Bernardino, Stockton among ‘Sanctuary Cities’ Targeted by Sessions

Attorney General Jeff Sessions renewed threats on Thursday to single out four specific cities applying for crime-prevention funding — including San Bernardino and Stockton, California— that he believes are failing to cooperate fully with federal immigration officials; something city officials protest.

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‘Hot Mugshot Guy’ Is Now Super-Rich, Living in Mansion

Former outlaw Jeremy Meeks, whose mugshot went viral and landed him a modeling career, is now living the dream in a mansion in Los Angeles with his wife and three kids, and driving a luxury sports vehicle.

Black Church Oakland 1971 (Robert Klein / Associated Press)

Oakland’s Black Churches Struggle With Gentrification

The Bay Area’s creeping gentrification has made its way to places of worship and is now affecting Oakland’s black churches, a fixture and bedrock of the community there for nearly 75 years.

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Obama Appoints Puerto Rico Control Board after Bond Default

The Obama administration has picked seven people to serve on a financial control board overseeing the restructuring of the Commonwealth of Puerto Rico’s $70 billion debt burden and $43 billion unfunded pension liability. Under congressional legislation signed after the island

Stockton Mayor Anthony Silva (ACSD / AP)

32 Child Predators Arrested in Sutter County Sex Sting

Following the arrest of the Stockton Mayor on child endangerment and delinquency charges, nearby Sutter County announced the arrest of 32 adults in a child sex sting operation. Breitbart News reported on August 4 that the Stockton’s 41-year-old Republican Mayor,

Christmas tree fire (Orin Zebest / Flickr / CC / Cropped)

Another Christmas Tree Destroyed by Fire in CA

A 35-foot artificial Christmas tree that was donated to the city of Stockton’s Weber Point several years ago was devoured by flames early Monday morning, rendering it a total loss.

Pacu fish (Jacob Lopez / Yuma Sun / Associated Press)

Fish With ‘Human’ Teeth Found in California

A mysterious fish with human-like teeth was discovered near California’s Stockton Boat Docks last week, and images of the fish have gone viral on social media. Local Fox affiliate Fox 40 was able to verify that the fish is a Pacu, after

Stockton (Max Whittaker / Reuters)

Stockton Humbly Emerges from 31 Months of Bankruptcy

The City of Stockton emerged from bankruptcy on Wednesday, February 25, after a 31-month ordeal. There were no winners in trying to restructure over $2 billion in debt and obligations. Nearly half of non-safety city employees were dumped, the survivors’ wages were cut by up to 23 percent, and retirees lost $500 million in lifetime medical benefits. Bondholders and creditors are receiving pennies on the dollar. Hopefully the sad lessons about what happened to Stockton might help other California cities to control spending.

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Black Church in Stockton Holds Service to Honor Police

A black gospel church in Stockton decided to take a radically different approach to the politically charged relations between some members of the black community and police departments by inviting their local police to their Sunday service Dec. 21 and