Fresno Bee: One Month in, Central Valley Voters Praise Trump

Lodi vineyards Central Valley California (Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press)
Rich Pedroncelli / Associated Press

Voters in California’s Central Valley have ample praise for President Donald Trump, telling the Fresno Bee that they are pleased with how he has been handling his duties so far, after just over one month in office.

“Over and over, Trump voters said he is doing what he said he would do. And keeping his word carried a lot of weight with them,” the Bee noted, highlighting the views of his supporters in the deeply blue state’s redder regions.

One farmer in particular pushed back against criticism of the president over NAFTA, telling the Bee that Trump was trying to make NAFTA fair, and arguing that while farmers have traditionally done better under Democrats, he thinks Trump is the best man for the job.

Farmers reached out to Trump prior to the election, asking for his help with accessing water supplies withheld by the federal government in the midst of a crippling drought.

Trump was able to raise a record $1.3 million in August last year during one Central Valley fundraiser alone, after promising to address the region’s water issue.

Small business owners across the nation, have also praised President Trump. And the stock market continues to rise. Breitbart News recently reported that the so-called “Trump bump” had prompted “CNN and Fox News to issue rival reports over whether it is the best post-inauguration performance in  54 years or 108 years.”


Trump retains pockets of support in other parts of California, even in urban areas. When Trump officially opened his Long Beach campaign headquarters last September, the media was stunned by the diversity of his supporters.

Trump’s executive order imposing a temporary travel ban on visitors from terror-prone countries is one area of concern for some supporters, although others support it as a fulfillment of his campaign promises.

There was one additional complaint from Trump’s Central Valley supporters. The Bee described it as “his seemingly insatiable need to tweet.”

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