San Francisco Seeks to Freeze Trump’s ‘Sanctuary City’ Cuts

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Twin Peaks, CA

The City of San Francisco sought an injunction Wednesday against President Donald Trump’s executive order to block federal grants to “sanctuary cities,” complaining the move could be devastating to the city’s bottom line.

According to the San Francisco Chronicle, City Attorney Dennis Herrera asked a federal judge to freeze the order until a lawsuit challenging its constitutionality is resolved.

If “defendants strip all federal funds from San Francisco, the result will be ‘catastrophic,’” Herrera wrote in seeking an injunction in U.S. District Court, the Chronicle reports. “Under this cloud of uncertainty and budgetary sword of Damocles, San Francisco must adopt an annual budget for the fiscal year beginning July 1, 2017.”

San Francisco’s budget is just under $10 billion, and it remains unclear what impact the President’s order will have. The Chronicle quotes Hererra stating it could be anywhere from a “couple hundred thousand dollars to $2 billion.”

While it remains unclear if the city can sue at all, this is not the first attempt to stop President Trump’s executive order in a California courtroom.  In February, a similar request for an injunction brought by Santa Clara County officials was also filed in U.S. District Court of San Francisco, in which Trump’s executive order was labelled “extortion.”

San Francisco Mayor Lee, worried that his city will suffer if cuts are drastic, was strident when he doubled down on San Francisco’s controversial sanctuary policy in January after a lawsuit brought by the family of Kate Steinle — murdered by a felon who was also a previously deported illegal alien — was dismissed:

“San Francisco is a sanctuary city and will not waver in its commitment to protect the rights of all its residents,” Lee told  local news channel KRON 4.

This unyielding stance could come at a high cost — and so far, no one appears to have asked San Francisco residents if they are prepared to suffer the fiscal consequences.


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