Disgraced GEICO Voice-Over Actor Lashes Out at Breitbart in Propaganda Parody Video

Remember when GEICO voice over actor D.C. Douglas was fired for leaving a hate-filled voice mail at Tea Party affiliated Freedom Works? Well, it seems he blames none other than Andrew Breitbart for his own personal failings and has retaliated with this “hilarious” video.

From his press release that accompanied the video: Actor and voice over artist D.C. Douglas has released a new satirical video targeting Andrew Breitbart and his “new journalism” technique. Mr. Douglas received national attention a year ago for his Tea Party PSA video in which he responded to FreedomWorks and the Media’s reaction to a sarcastic voicemail message he had left. The blog post that started the chain reaction was written by FreedomWorks’ president Matt Kibbe and published on Andrew Breitbart’s BigGovernment.com website.