GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter: Obama 'A Juvenile Foreign Policy President'

GOP Rep. Duncan Hunter: Obama 'A Juvenile Foreign Policy President'

Rep. Duncan Hunter (R-CA), a former Marine and veteran of both the Iraq and Afghanistan theaters reacts to the revelations in the forthcoming book by former Defense Secretary Robert Gates on Tuesday’s broadcast of “The Kelly File” on the Fox News Channel.

“We won in Iraq,” Hunter said. “My dad wrote a book called ‘Victory in Iraq.’ My dad was congressman too, and chairman of the Armed Services Committee while the war was going on. He wrote a book called ‘Victory in Iraq,’ how America won the war. We had won the war by 2010. This president left for purely political reasons. If we had left 10,000 or 20,000 troops there, like we have in every other war zone that we’ve been involved in, except for Vietnam, so let’s say post-Vietnam, this would not be happening whatsoever. So what this president was abandon everything that we fought for because Iraq could not sustain itself without some American involvement.”

“It would be like leaving Afghanistan right now,” he continued. “And sometimes it’s not the most popular choice, but I think that this president has shown that he does things purely for political reasons. This president has not only abandoned Iraq, he’s abandoned the Middle East, Megyn. He’s out of everywhere. This is a juvenile foreign policy president when it comes to hard-nosed foreign policy in the Middle East. This administration are like little children. What we have then is, I was over there fighting, my Marines were over there fighting, and what do we have now? Nothing to show for it because of political reasons — not because we didn’t win, but purely political reasons. God bless all the men and women who spent time in Iraq and fought there.”