Rand Paul Attacks Democrats for Bill Clinton, Woody Allen 'Hypocrisy' in 'War on Women'

Rand Paul Attacks Democrats for Bill Clinton, Woody Allen 'Hypocrisy' in 'War on Women'

On Laura Ingraham’s Wednesday radio show, Sen. Rand Paul (R-KY) revisited his remarks about former President Bill Clinton and his affair with intern Monica Lewinsky and the Democrats charge the right is waging a “war on women.” 

But Paul also added filmmaker Woody Allen to the list of who Democrats tend to overlook when it comes to the “war on women” meme as well. 

“You know what’s funny about it is I tell people – they’re like, ‘Why did you bring up the Clintons? Why did you bring up Bill being such a predator and sexual harassment and what he did with an intern in the workplace?’” Paul said. “I said, ‘Well, because they asked me the question.’ I tend to answer questions and they ask me the question. I answered the question and they asked my wife the same question. But it is an important point because the Democrats want to say, ‘We’re the great saviors of women in the workplace.’ One of the things we have done that is a step forward, has been over the last couple of decades is women should be protected from predatory behavior of their bosses. And that’s what Bill Clinton’s affair, whatever you want to call it with an intern was, was sexual harassment.”

“And so until they get rid of the hypocrisy that they’re going to be great feminist and they’re going defend a big bully in the workplace who takes advantage of a 20-year-old girl, I don’t think they have a leg to stand on,” Paul continued. “And that hypocrisy defeats their whole argument. I mean look at the other people who give money. Look at a Woody Allen, who is a big Democrat giver across the country, whose seven-year-old girl described what he did to her. And yet nobody in Hollywood blinks an eye and says he’s still our big pal. We love Woody Allen. He’s a great giver to Democrat causes. And really there should be a social shunning of somebody who would do something like that, if not prison.”


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