Cruz Grills FBI Director Over IRS Targeting Scandal

Cruz Grills FBI Director Over IRS Targeting Scandal

Sen. Ted Cruz(R-TX) took on FBI Director James Comey on the issue of the Obama administration’s failure to fully investigate the IRS targeting scandal on Wednesday.

Among the questions, Cruz asked:

To date how many victims, or alleged victims, of improper targeting have been interviewed by the FBI? More or less than 10 victims?

Can you tell this committee, to date, how many White House employees the FBI has interviewed for this investigation?

The Attorney General appointed to lead this investigation a major Obama donor who has given President Obama and Democrats over $6,000. Do you see any actual or apparent conflict of interest in that?

Do you think it would have been appropriate to trust John Mitchell to investigate Richard Nixon?

Four days after Attorney General Eric Holder told the committee that this was a vigorous investigation, the President of United States went on national television and told the American people, categorically, there was not a smidgen of corruption… [these statements] are facially inconsistent.. which of those statements was true and which was false?

None of these questions were fully answered, which Democratic Judiciary Chairman Sen. Pat Leahy said was “appropriate.”

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