Report: 1,000 Immigrants Crossing Rio Grande Daily, Criminals Released

Report: 1,000 Immigrants Crossing Rio Grande Daily, Criminals Released

Jessica Vaughan, the director of Policy Studies for the Center for Immigration Studies, reported that the influx of illegal immigrants crossing the Rio Grande has reached 1,000 a day, and forced the government to release criminal detainees who were awaiting deportation in an interview on WRKO Boston’s “The Financial Exchange with Barry Armstrong and Kim Carrigan” on Monday.

Vaughan stated that the recent mass of immigrants who were flown to Massachusetts are “regular detainees from south Texas who had to be brought [to Massachusetts] because of the influx of children and families in south Texas.” She added that these individuals “have been arrested for state and local crimes and are waiting to be deported they have to move them to other parts of the country so that they can manage the surge of children and families in south Texas. So this has so overwhelmed these agencies from their regular mission that they’ve gotta ship people elsewhere and the practical result of that is that they don’t have enough detention space and many of them end up being released into the communities where they dropped off.”

She also said “the White House has its stranglehold on information from the Department of Homeland Security they’re not releasing any information.” Nonetheless, she was able to inform the hosts that according to “reports that we’ve been hearing, unofficially from the Border Patrol and ICE is that it’s at least a thousand today [crossing the Rio Grande].”

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