Glenn Beck Rips Breitbart, Fox News Border Coverage

Glenn Beck Rips Breitbart, Fox News Border Coverage

Talk radio host Glenn Beck criticized Fox News and Breitbart for their reporting of his plan to visit the border to bring food, soccer balls, and teddy bears to illegal immigrants on the southern border.  

Beck complained about a lack of coverage of Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) joining his. “Nobody’s reading [The Blaze’s coverage of Ted Cruz going to border]. Our viewers and our readers are not even reading it. That should be the number-one retweeted story. If you like Ted Cruz [you should promote this story.] Where’s Breitbart on that story? Where’s Fox News on that story?” Beck stated. 

He added that he couldn’t speak for Breitbart, but he declared, “Fox News isn’t covering that because Fox News–that’s not their pick for President of the United States… If Jeb Bush were going down, I guarantee you Fox News would be covering it.” He concluded, “we are already playing presidential games.”

Producer Stu Burguiere declared that the “small subset of conservatives” who were attacking Beck for being “weak on the border” were making a “laughable” claim, especially now that Ted Cruz will join Beck on the border.

Beck also criticized the media coverage of the border crisis itself and re-iterated his stance that mercy is important for individuals, while justice should be done by the government. “This is about mercy not just for the people coming across the border. This about mercy to our own Americans.” And “Don’t focus on the MS-13 gang members, the rapists and the killers. That’s for the government. That’s for the government to do their job. That’s justice, and I demand justice. But we are to provide mercy.” He then paraphrased the Gettysburg Address to argue that even if giving charity to illegal immigrants is not noted by people, it will be noted by God.  

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