Levin: Chamber of Commerce Run By 'Big Gov't Statist'

Levin: Chamber of Commerce Run By 'Big Gov't Statist'

Talk radio host and author of “The Liberty Amendments: Restoring the American Republic,” Mark Levin slammed the U.S. Chamber of Commerce over a report that they were backing Democrats in several House races on Thursday. 

“Republicans need to understand, the Chamber of Commerce is run by a chameleon, Thomas Donohue is a chameleon. He supported the stimulus, he defends major parts of Obamacare, he supports massive deficit spending each and every year, he supports raising the debt limit, he supported TARP. He is a big government statist.  He is a crony capitalist of the worse kind,” he argued.

Levin declared, “We get people who say ‘rally around the Republican Party’ … you cannot build a majority, you cannot build a coalition, by cheerleading. You must stand for something that matters to people. There is no reason to rally around Thad Cochran.”  

He added that the National Republican Senatorial Committee is “sort of like a mob group,” and the Chamber of Commerce “has no scruples.”  

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