Gosar: Feds Refusing to Prosecute Many First-Time Illegals

Gosar: Feds Refusing to Prosecute Many First-Time Illegals

Rep. Paul Gosar (R-AZ) reported that the Justice Department and president told one of his sheriffs the federal government was ending expeditious processing of first-time illegal immigrants and refusing to prosecute many first-time illegal aliens on Friday’s broadcast of the “The Laura Ingraham Show.”

Gosar said that under the expeditious processing plan, Operation Streamline, “usually those that were picked up together were processed together they’re quickly given opportunities to say ‘listen, the plea bargain is that you have to go home immediately’ and they plea to lesser charges.” And that “we were made aware that Eric Holder and the president had decided to end this process of enforcement.”

A letter written to Gosar by Yuma Co., AZ Sheriff Leon Wilmot read on the show stated that Wilmot was informed the federal government would be “no longer be prosecuting first-time undocumented aliens (UDAs) under Section 1325. Furthermore, I was advised that only undocumented aliens with an adverse immigration history, excluding voluntary returns and voluntary departures, [or a criminal history] … would be prosecuted.”

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