Pelosi Ties GOP to Ray Rice

Pelosi Ties GOP to Ray Rice

House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi tied the Republican Party to Ray Rice on Monday’s broadcast of MSNBC’s “Ronan Farrow Daily.”

When asked about Rice and the Democratic Party’s domestic policy agenda, she stated “the issue is about respect or disrespect for women. Whether it’s respect for their ability to make their own choices in terms of their reproductive health, whether it’s equal pay for equal work honoring the value of work that people bring to the table, whether it’s meeting the needs of women in terms of affordable quality childcare, which are for families and not just women.”

Farrow also asked Pelosi whether NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell should resign, she declared “I do not know. I think the investigation is really important. I understand now that he is appointing some women, which I think is very positive, to review what happened.” 

Pelosi then pivoted to criticizing the Republican Party, arguing “it’s important to note that the Violence Against Women Act, we celebrated, observed the 20th anniversary, this past week on Saturday, the 20th anniversary. It has really helped women tremendously. If there is any good thing that could come out of all of this horror, it is that women know that something is there for them, that they do not have to put up with this, but the fact is also that it took a long time for us to get it reauthorized, that the Republicans said ‘well, we’ll pass a bill and you can protect women against violence unless they are an immigrant woman a woman of Native American heritage or an LGBT community women.’ Imagine that they would say you have to leave them out of the protections. So we have differences of opinion in Congress. People like to think it’s partisanship and gridlock, but it’s fundamental differences of opinion. There’s never a way we could support their bill that excluded LGBT, Native American, and immigrant women from the protections of Violence Against Women Act.”

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