Krauthammer: 'Nobody Will Care' About Amnesty if Border Secure

Krauthammer: 'Nobody Will Care' About Amnesty if Border Secure

Washington Post columnist and best-selling author Charles Krauthammer argued that voters would not mind granting amnesty to illegal immigrants if they were ensured that the border was secured first on Tuesday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

“The United States is a generous country, it does not want to see 11 million people living in the shadows…we’re not going to deport them” he stated.  And, “Americans would like to see that issue resolved, but they will never do it unless they are assured that’s the last 11 million.  The same way Reagan was assured that’s the last 3 million.  Enforcement is key.”

Krauthammer stressed that he supported an approach that was “enforcement first,” but added “amnesty? Nobody will care afterwards if the border is closed.”  He further said that support for border security and then amnesty was “a winning issue.”

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