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Carolla: Boys Don't Need to Be Taught Nonviolence [LANGUAGE WARNING]

Carolla: Boys Don't Need to Be Taught Nonviolence [LANGUAGE WARNING]

Comedian Adam Carolla weighed in on the arguments that boys should be taught not to be violent in the wake of the Ray Rice and Adrian Peterson incidents on the September 16 episode of his podcast.

“There’s a lot of ‘we need to educate our boys.’…it’s pretty condescending and offensive to those of us who are on the straight and narrow when it comes to that that we need to educate everybody on things they don’t need a[n] … education about. I was never struck as a child. I would never strike my children. It doesn’t make sense to me” he stated.

Carolla said that the real problem is that children receive bad messages from their parents, and that parents should “lead by example” so their kids don’t think “I was smacked and I will now use this as a way to resolve issues either on a school bus or in an elevator or some point later on in life. It’s a horrible message to send.”  He concluded that the real problem with public discourse is that there wasn’t enough of a discussion about parents leading by example.

(h/t RCP Video)

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