Limbaugh on Sports Talk Radio: 'Condensed, Undiluted, Pure Liberalism Drivel and Bilge'

Limbaugh on Sports Talk Radio: 'Condensed, Undiluted, Pure Liberalism Drivel and Bilge'

During his Wednesday broadcast, conservative talker Rush Limbaugh explained to his listeners how liberalism when overt is a failure in the media and offered various examples of where so-called liberal brands have struggled to achieve success.

However, as is the case when it isn’t transparent, liberalism tends to succeed and Limbaugh pointed to various examples, including sports talk radio, which he says has a blatant liberal point of view, but is not branded as such.

“We had a caller, I think it was yesterday from southern California, who had a great point – liberalism in the media fails at CNN, liberalism in the media fails at MSNBC – fail in terms of ratings,” Limbaugh said. “I’m not denying they have societal impact. I wouldn’t be that foolish. Liberalism failed as Air America. Liberalism works in media in the news business, in Hollywood, in publishing, music and so forth – and sports talk radio.”

“Sports talk radio is where you find actual condensed, undiluted, pure liberalism drivel and bilge,” he continued. “And the danger there is the fans [of sports talk radio], they think they’re getting away from politics by caring about sports and statistics and so forth. But you can’t escape politics anywhere in America today. You simply can’t. If you are an engaged person that comes in contact with some form of media, you can’t escape politics because politics is what liberalism is.”

“Liberalism is not compassion,” he added. “It’s not sensitivity. Liberalism is not caring for the disadvantaged. Liberalism is pure politics and the quest for power. And they do a bang-up job of disguising it.”

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