NFL Commish: 'I Got it Wrong'

NFL Commish: 'I Got it Wrong'

Friday during a press conference to address the NFL’s reaction to recent domestic violence scandals surrounding several players, NFL commissioner Roger Goodell said, “I got it wrong,” so he has called in “former FBI director Robert Mueller to conduct an independent investigation” to review the NFL processes for dealing with the criminal allegations against their players.

Goodell said, “Over the last several weeks we have seen all too much of the NFL doing wrong. That starts with me. I said this before back on August 28 and I say it again now. I got it wrong in the handling of the Ray Rice matter. I’m sorry for that. I got it wrong on a number of levels from the process that I led to the decision that i reached. but now i will get it right and do whatever is necessary to accomplish that. first, i don’t expect anyone to take just my word. Last week I asked former FBI director Robbet Muller to conduct an independent investigation to answer the questions raised about our process in reviewing Ray Rice’s conduct. I pledge Mr. Mueller will have full access and cooperation. We all look forward to his report and findings.”

“I promise you any shortcomings he finds in how we dealt with the situation will lead to swift action. The same mistakes can never be repeated. We will do whatever it is necessary to ensure we are thorough in our review process and that our conclusions are reliable. We will get our house in order first. Second and most importantly, these incidents demonstrate we can use the NFL to help create change. Not only in our league but in society with regard to domestic violence and sexual assault,” he added.

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