BP Agent: 'Pretty Much a Guarantee' Terrorists Will Cross Border

BP Agent: 'Pretty Much a Guarantee' Terrorists Will Cross Border

Border Patrol Agent and National Border Patrol Council #3307 Vice President Chris Cabrera said “it’s pretty much a guarantee” terrorists will cross the southern border if they have not already done so on Friday’s “Your World with Neil Cavuto” on the Fox News Channel. 

When asked “I’m thinking of all the latest ISIS stuff…do you think it is possible, then, that nefarious elements, dangerous elements, just outright really dangerous people, could be going through this very porous border that you try to keep track of, as we speak?”  Cabrera responded “I think it’s a pretty much a guarantee. We have a very porous border. We have the majority of the area is uncovered and I think for us to think that it’s not happening, we would be fooling ourselves.” 

He also reported that illegal immigrants with known criminal histories end up being released due to overcrowding, stating “we usually know there’s a criminal history, at least in our country, when we apprehend them. They classify them as different risks. Unfortunately, once some of them do get detained, they end up getting released due to overcrowding, and so even the ones that we deem dangerous they end up getting released anyway.”

Cabrera also commented on reports that the vast majority of illegal immigrants in the United States have failed to show up to their court hearings by saying “we foresaw this coming…we’ve seen the numbers reach into the 90% mark in the last decade. So, quite frankly, it’s not all that shocking to us. What is shocking is that we continue to do the same thing over and over and expect a different result.”

He added that when it comes to the illegal immigrants given court hearings, “there’s really no monitoring. It’s report in sometime in the future. There’s a date set. Sometimes the dates are as far out as two years away…but most of them, they just use the piece of paper to get past the checkpoints and then they disappear into the United States.”

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