Ted Cruz: In 39 Days We Are Going to Retire Harry Reid

Ted Cruz: In 39 Days We Are Going to Retire Harry Reid

Friday in Washington D.C. at the Family Research Council’s 2014 Values Voter Summit, Sen.Ted Cruz (R-TX) fired up the audience with a rallying call to fight to ensure the religious freedoms guaranteed in the constitution are upheld by electing Republicans to take back the U.S. Senate.

Cruz said, “Our values are fundamentally American. This country remains a center-right country. This country remains a country built on judeo-christian values. This country remains a country that values and cherishes our constitutional liberties, and anyone who he tells you differently is lying to you.” 

“In 39 days I believe we’re going to retake the United States senate and we are going to retire Harry Reid as majority leader. And in 2017, with a republican president in the White House, we are going to sign legislation repealing every word of Obamacare.”

“Each and everyone of you is here because you believe in our nation, you belief in our values. And I will tell you why I’m optimistic, from the founding of our nation, America has enjoyed god’s providential blessings. At every stage in the Revolutionary war, a ragtag bunch of colonist had no prayers of defeating the mightiest army on earth but with God’s blessings we did so. In the Civil War that pitted brother against brother, spilled blood upon our soil, to expunge the original sin of this nation of slavery, that should have rent this country apart forever. And yet with god’s blessing, this nation came back together after that bloody conflict. In World War II, standing against the grotesque, evil that was the Nazis, the American people rose to the occasion and saved the free world. In the Cold War with leadership from America, the American people rose up and we won the Cold War without firing a shot and tore the Berlin Wall to the ground. I’m optimistic because of you. I’m optimistic because I believe in the American people. And I’m optimistic, because I am convinced, God isn’t done with America yet.”

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