ABC's Karl on the White House Fence Jumper: 'The Public Was Clearly Misled'

ABC's Karl on the White House Fence Jumper: 'The Public Was Clearly Misled'

On Tuesday’s “Good Morning America” on ABC, network White House correspondent Jon Karl reacted to the new revelations that a White House intruder made it further than the Secret Service had previously disclosed.

Karl explained to “Good Morning America” anchor George Stephanopoulos that it was his view the American people were misled.

Partial transcript as follows:

STEPHANOPOULOS: Jon, I can’t believe this false cover story was out there for so long. 

KARL: It’s amazing, George. You know, I asked the president directly last week if whether he still had confidence in the Secret Service. He told me he believes the Secret Service does a great job. He’s grateful for the sacrifices they make for his family. But the question is, the public was clearly misled on this – at that point, did the president know the truth? Did the Secret Service tell the president the truth about how far that intruder got into the White House? I have asked that question of the White House and have not gotten an answer yet. 

STEPHANOLOULOS: But of course, the Secret Service will be getting those questions on Capitol Hill today. 

KARL: Yeah, this is going to be a brutal hearing — testifying before a House committee. We’ll be getting all those questions, all the procedures that weren’t followed in this case and of course that critical question about why they didn’t tell the truth first.

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