Report: UVA Kidnapping Suspect 'Always Came in Looking for a Victim'

Report: UVA Kidnapping Suspect 'Always Came in Looking for a Victim'

On Monday’s broadcast of CNN’s “The Situation Room,” journalist and University of Virginia adjunct faculty member Coy Barefoot recounted the reporting he had done on missing UVA coed Hannah Graham.

In that reporting, Barefoot revealed that Graham abductor suspect Jesse Matthew had reportedly shown a repeated willingness to take advantage of the drunkest girl at a Charlottesville, VA restaurant and bar, so much to the point that he received a two-month ban from the establishment for his behavior.

“Everybody I talked to, it’s what everyone is talking about,” Barefoot said. “Everyone is such a mix of, a slurry of emotions. Most people just can’t believe that something like this would be happening in beautiful little Charlottesville. I do want to tell you, Wolf, I spoke moments ago with a man who knows Jesse Matthew very well, and he shared this news with me — that he worked as a bouncer. The gentleman with whom I spoke worked as a bouncer at a restaurant and bar where Jesse Matthew was a regular this past summer. And he told me, he said Coy, I had to ban him for about two months because I was concerned about the safety of the young women in the bar.”

“He said, Jesse had a type, blonde, preppy, a university girl, upper middle class and look for the drunkest among them,” he continued. “I told him, ‘Dude, you’re going to get yourself in a world of trouble. These girls don’t know who they’re dealing with, and they don’t know your intentions.’ He told him, you’re not welcome here. You’ve made too many of the girls uncomfortable. I can’t let you back in here. He finally did let him back in towards the end of the summer, because he kept pleading with him. But he said even then he would come by around at 1:30 at night at last call looking for the drunkest girl in the place. And they had to keep an eye on him. And he told me, quote, ‘He always came in looking for a victim.’”

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