McClintock: Illegal Immigration Has Had 'Huge Impact' on CA Politics

McClintock: Illegal Immigration Has Had 'Huge Impact' on CA Politics

Congressman Tom McClintock (R-CA) argued that illegal immigration has had a “huge impact” on the politics and economics of California and “wears at the very foundation of our country” on Friday’s “Laura Ingraham Show.”

McClintock agreed “completely” that massive illegal immigration was good for Democrats, adding “if you look at California’s demographics, we have had a net domestic outmigration of nearly three and a half million…the entire loss of that three and a half million, plus what population gains this state has had has been entirely babies and foreign immigration, much of that illegal, and that has had a huge impact on the politics as well as the economy of what we once called the Golden State.”

Earlier in the interview, he said that illegal immigration “undermines the whole process of legal immigration that makes our country possible in the first place, ours is a nation of immigrants ours is a country of immigrants…but the only way that works is through the process of assimilation…our immigration laws were specifically written to support that process of assimilation illegal immigration undermines that whole process.” And “wears at the very foundation of our country.”

He also argued that the US already has a path to citizenship “it’s the path that’s been taken by millions of legal immigrants,” which has been “decimated” by illegal immigration

He warned, “any country that either cannot or will not defend its borders, simply isn’t around very long.”

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