Gruber Won’t Say How Much He Was Paid for Obamacare Work

Gruber Won’t Say How Much He Was Paid for Obamacare Work

Obamacare architect Jonathan Gruber repeatedly refused to answer how much he was paid for his lectures on Obamacare before the House Oversight Committee on Tuesday.

Representative Jim Jordan repeatedly asked Gruber how much he was paid, to which he was told to look at his disclosures and to “take that up with my counsel.” Chairman Darrell Issa (R-CA) then pointed out “errors and omissions” in his truth filing could not be cleared up by his legal counsel and that his truth filing did not contain money he was paid for contracts, when his disclosures only contained money he earned via grants.

After Gruber conferred with his lawyers, Jordan again resumed his questioning, and Gruber said “I was informed that I should report all federal moneys received through grants or contracts for this fiscal year and the previous two fiscal years. I did that.” Jordan continued pressing about the total amount Gruber, to which he was finally told “I don’t recall the total.”

(h/t RNC Research)

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