Watch: Bill Bennett vs Greg Abbott in Heated Common Core Debate

On Fox New Channel’s “Fox News Sunday,” conservative radio host Bill Bennett and Gov. Greg Abbott (R-TX) had a friendly but heated debate about the controversial Common Core educational standards program.

Bennett defended the program saying, “A whole mythology is built up around common core. Common core are state standards for math and reading by grade. That’s all they are. Anybody who questions what they should read what the standards say. They say such things as kids should fix on arithmetic in the early grades, learn how to count, multiply, divide and subtract. Reading they should emphasize phonics, the meaning of words and good, clear expression.”

While Abboott argued against the “One-size-fit-all national standard being pushed down from the top, from the Obama administration and that is why suddenly we’ve seen so many parents, so many states, so many school districts reject it so harshly.”

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