Gutfeld: Media, WH Too Scared to Identify Islamist Extremism

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld declared the media and the White House will not identify Islamist extremism because they’re afraid of it on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five”

“Here we have the latest installment of NIDNI: ‘Nope, It’s Definitely Not Islam.’ It’s that re-occurring game show where a paralyzing case of Islamophobia dictates no linking Islam to terror. Yes, whether it’s the beheaded Christians or murders at synagogue, there’s never a common thread. Well, unless you count climate change, which creates a brutal heat, that drives men to murder. If we haven’t been driving all those SUVs, those folks might have lived. So, never mind the ‘Allah akbar‘ shouts or the killer targeting a Mohammed-drawing cartoonist, the synagogue, totally random, he thought it was a Best Western. For the media and our president, Islam is that scary neighbor who plays music too loud and we’re all too petrified to ask him to turn it down” he stated.

Gutfeld continued, “so instead the press finds another worry, something called mission creep…we’re a country more worried about our reaction to evil, than to evil itself.

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