Gutfeld: Let’s Start with Hollywood’s Inequality

Fox News Channel host Greg Gutfeld reacted to Patricia Arquette’s Oscar speech by saying “if Hollywood wants to talk about equality, look at their two worlds” on Monday’s broadcast of “The Five.”

Gutfeld first stated “one could point out that single childless women in their 20s earn more than their male counterparts. That it’s not about equal rights, wage discrimination, after all, is illegal, but choices that effect pay and life. It’s true, women live nearly five years longer than men. Now, if this were reversed could you imagine the outcry? We’d be talking about life disparity, not wage disparity, we’d protest against the life ceiling, not the glass ceiling, and demand that men die sooner just for the sake of equality.”

He continued, “if Hollywood wants to talk about equality, look at their two worlds, one of dramatic concern on the Oscars, and the other of absurd luxury. Their gift bags cost $125,000 each. That’s more than they pay their maids, their drivers, their leafblowers, their hookers combined. So, as the Oscars trash America, the world outside is going nuts. Women are being enslaved by a death cult or stoned to death for adultery. True, there may be women in Syria who would have applauded the Oscar’s speeches if ISIS hadn’t chopped off their hands for using cell phones.”

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